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General Questions

What does The Blue Heron Group do?
The Blue Heron Group is a boutique financial research company focused on the alternative investment sector, including hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, and other pooled investment managers. The Blue Heron Group produces industry research reports, maintains a hedge fund database, and offers custom consulting services.
How is The Blue Heron Group Unique?
We are a completely independent, employee-owned, financial research company. Because we receive no compensation from fund companies or any other financial institutions for that matter, we are able to offer completely unbiased and transparent research.
How can I access your hedge fund database and related information?
The Blue Heron Group offers access to its extensive alternative investment manager database through its partner companies, including HedgeLists and HedgeFundJobList.
What consulting services do you offer?
We are available to take on custom consulting services for individuals, media, financial institutions, and research groups. Please contact us for more information. Since 2008, The Blue Heron Group has provided services to more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies as well as leading international banks, investment managers, broker dealers, and hedge funds.
How do I access your hedge fund research and various databases?
Our hedge fund research reports are available for purchase directly from this site. Additionally, we offer one of the most comprehensive hedge fund databases as well as private equity and venture capital directories.

About Our Services

Hedge Fund Database

We proudly offer the leading database of more than 3,800 hedge funds across the globe.

View the hedge fund database

Private Equity Database

The Private Equity Database includes more than 1,200 private equity funds across the US.

View the Private Equity Database

VC Database

We currently offer a detailed list of cryptocurrency hedge funds and venture capital through our partner CryptoFundResearch.

View the list of cryptocurrency hedge funds and venture capital

Consulting Services

We take on individual consulting projects for a wide range of needs within the alternative investment universe. Please contact us for more details.

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